Joint Release Training

This joyful massage called Joint Release (relaxation , dance of the joints) has its roots in the technique called massage Trager, from its founder Milton Trager …

I called playful because the focus of this massage technique is to reactivate the flow of movement in the body massaged through the movement of the bodyworker.

You can define it the massagge of continous movement.
I said “reactivate the flow” because it works mainly on the fluids of the body, particularly the element of water.

I think we all know that we are made, on average, 80% of water. The water, by its nature, must flow.

The focus of the massage is the skeletal part, the bones, as a whole and in particular the joints, which represent the points of “hub” of the movement. You go to create space in the joints: the spine with 33 vertebrae, the neck with seven cervical, back, shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers, chest, hips, knees, ankles, feet … with continuous movements , functional to restore motion.

lavoro gambe No one has ever noticed that there are in the foot 28 +3 bones 3? The massage Joint release works (at least ideally) with each bone of our foot until the foot resumes its extent. Often curled feet are stretched and valgus toes improve.

Loose joints, loose and fluid movement, health guaranteed. And more: elastic body, mind fit ….

At the end of the massage is easy to feel the lightness of being, appearance, regal posture, elasticity, the desire to dance, to live.

It ‘a massage that has the ability to balance the energy in the body. It can awake and / or calm. And suitable for people of all ages and, above all, has no contraindications.

Joint Release technique is a powerful and playful way to work on deep hidden tensions between the joints of the body.

How do I use this technique?

pratica  joint releaseIt is a technique that helps you feel welcomed and at the same time “stimulated”. It is useful to bring to light special points, to integrate mind and body . This massagge acts physically through all the joints, but deeply moves like a wave. Allows the opening and the regeneration of the fluid movement.
Osho Rebalancing is a holistic and intuitive, customer-focused approach.
By Joint Release you can follow client rhythm. You can “act” and at the same time to receive informations about what is really necessary.
Letting go established schemes and putting emphasis on listening : Joint release is the key to begin a process of body work. A intuitive technique.
Joint Release and Rebalancing are two bodywork techniques (complementary) based on Meditation.
Meditation allows the integration of different therapeutic techniques, guided by intuition and Love.

The deep sharing among therapists has assigned to Joint Release and to Rebalancing unique features: effectiveness, colors, creativity, lightness and depth.

Joint Release ,while preserving and sharing the spirit of Trager approach, broads the vision and analyzes its meaning.
A bodyworker of Joint Release is able to communicate the meaning of “letting go” through his path, his skills, and his playfulness.

Sensations with the Joint Release

Contact with the body is light and playful, hands (re) discover gently patterns of movement more fluid, those same models that were our childhood. The challenge is to touch and move energy through the body’s water, allowing each joint to dance and become fluid, open. The release of joints tension can often lead short but meaningful insight.
A full session with a feeling of lightness, not only physical but also mental. As if something heavy had slipped away and there was more clarity to move, breathe, hear …

pratica joint release gambeAfter this training students have changed their way of living …
The whole approach Osho Rebalancing is a kind of meditation technique. A meditative therapy. In Joint Release the purpose is also becoming more aware of your own tensions.

Working with this technique you learn to let go thought patterns that aren’t useful anymore, as learned beliefs or borrowed judgments. At the end of a session you ,operator, feel lighter and more fluid, just as if you were a channel that allows the other simply to be, because you allow yourself to be.

Date: Schedule
Mode: 7 days, residential.
Teacher: Unmila Malfatti.

  • To know the functioning of the joints in the human body.
  • To learn to listen to the client’s body from a space of meditation.
  • To recognize the ‘Rhythm’ and learn to follow it.
  • To become able to use the dance leading the movement.
  • To recognize the patterns of stiffness in the client.
  • Knowing how to dissolve their rigid plans to work with the ‘Rhythm’.
  • Tune in and listen through the ‘Rhythm’.
  • Use the music effective for this type of work.
  • Working with adults, children and the elderly with the technique of the Joint Release.
  • Meditation techniques (Osho Active Meditation).
  • Work creatively.

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