Osho Bodywork – Deep Tissue Massage

The work (therapy) on the body and with the body is a very courageous choice. The body (and its functions) is the voice of our “soul”, that part of us that we cannot “recognize” as part of us.

The body has the peculiarity, sometimes uneasy, that  will never lie. The body speaks the language of your inner child escaped from all educational conditioning, Contrary to mind.

The deep tissue massage, aims to contact and dissolve, if permitted, muscular tension layered  in the muscles.

Every shock, every fear, in the course of our lives, from birth until now, have created a “stop”:  a block of movement,  gestural , breathe. Often in a tragically repetitive way.

The fear of death and of life tend to show in the body with the voice of illness ,the posture tells the emotional story of every human being. Massage, an ancient art , can get to “talk” , silently,  with frozen fear in our muscles and , slowly, stimulate the desire to live life completely. We can review, melt, and let go  old shocks because there isn’t  reason to take them  inside our muscles.

Deep Tissue Massage sul fiancoThe massage technique proposed  is theoretical-practical.

The body is a guide, a map of our physical and emotional life story and is touched with gentle awakeness as if it were a musical instrument that has lost his precious “tuning” and had the need to regain its original musical harmony.

In order to get to touch with care, respect, sensitivity is necessary to feel, first, your body, understand the experience of being touched, what it means to hear / be heard, see / be seen, respect / be respected.

An integral part of learning this technique is the inner space of meditation. For this will practice two times daily active meditations.

It isn’t necessary medical preparation to learn the art of massage, which is innate, but forgotten, talent of all human beings. The hands are often used as instinctive healing  channels. When you  have toothache, back pain, stomachache, headache, instinctively put your hand on the area that hurts.

This course (and many others) with weird names perhaps intimidate you, you want to run away rather than participate in it, but I suggest you read until bottom.

Mano entra sotto al diaframmaPersonally invite ALL of you to participate at least once in your life, in a course of massage, use your hands to communicate because “respect”, “acceptance”, “listening”, “attention”, “presence”, “love” correspond to a great need of all human beings to communicate in the world from and with the heart.

If these are words that make you smile … well, smile and throw these words, but when and if you find yourself crying inside because you do not feel accepted and / or loved, ask yourself how much you have tried to accept and love your neighbour. How many strokes you have not asked / given to your parents, children, friends, lovers for fear of being rejected/ ridicule.

In this course of deep myofascial massage, so called because it goes to work on the fascia that surrounds the muscles, you will discover that:

  • To go deep into the body you haven’t to use  physical strength, but listening and attention, because when the body is ready to accept, it becomes soft.
  • If there is resistance and then you feel pain, is because there is fear of “suffer too much”: the bodyworker accepts your pain and  slowly it goes away. Because fear is an induction of the mind (which is called the mind because minds, tells lies) and creates mistrust.
  • To massage and be massaged, touch and be touched with care and love, is healthy because actives the healer inside all of us.
  • To rebalance physically (muscularly) means also finding a balance in terms of emotional and mental health.

The course is residential, in order to encourage to plunge in a deep process . During this path you can revalue your lost talent , let go mental conditioning allowing the flow of vital energy.

Always society underlines  the importance of the duty (you HAVE / you HAVE NOT) rather than let you choose the pleasure (CAN / CAN NOT).

You learn the  approach and the technique to relax the various parts of the body:

  • area lumbar spine (back)
  • abdomen pelvis legs feet
  • chest, arms, neck, head
  • integration between the parties: up / down, left / right

In addition to the pure technique you learn to give/ create space

  • to respect yourself,
  • to love yourself,
  • the selfesteem.

This course is open to ALL, and, of course, is a special enrichment for experts in the field such as physiotherapists, practitioners in bio-natural disciplines, experts in movement therapy, beauticians.

Receive a certificate of participation in 100 hours of deep tissue bodywork.

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