Training of Osho Rebalancing

didattica classeI like the quote of the philosopher , educator and  master, Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov. because represents perfectly the spirit of the training body therapy called Osho Rebalancing.

“Giving and taking. You can give only if you have received, and when  you have taken, must be able to give. All life is based on this kind of perpetual motion: the act of taking naturally creates to give, and while you give, you haven’t to stop to receive, so you can continue to give. There would be many things to say about the meaning and importance of these two words: give and take!
From who and how to take? …
To whom and how to give? …
You must learn to receive and take from heaven to earth, it’s necessary you can immediately adapt to the circumstances and change polarity.This quality can be called “flexibility.” To be flexible we must remain ever awake heads up, in order to attract the only currents that descend from heaven to earth, becoming the channels.
All our bodies and all our cells have to soak the importance of this mission: give and take. ”

The training aims to “train”  bodyworkers who give psycho-physical sessions, called Osho-Rebalancing.

The feature of this training is to activate the ability to “give-take” in order to re-balance the body, mind and spirit. To do this you must have experienced upon yourself,: you learn to recognize  when  it’s the time of acceptance and you can give  or  , in other words, “swap” energy.

pratica 7 colloIn the work you have to always be  present, awake, flexible. You learn all body techniques, ranging from active to passive meditation,;deep massage techniques are used (in the sense that you go to touch deep muscles) and technical work aimed to the skeleton (joint release and craniosacral techniques), working on breathing (natural massage is happening inside the body), movement (from walking in a conscious way to dance guiding by the music).

The training is a path or a course that helps us to go trought our growth and find the “emotional blocks” we have on our vision of the world.

gruppo bioenergeticaBecoming aware of our posture and learn to intervene whenever we tend to forget “good posture” when we go in shock (in the “bad posture) ,feel victims of life.

Discovery and acceptance of  our shocks help us to choose the path of “healing”, to realign our posture, to trust ourselves to unleash our creativity in the work you already do or even find the strength and courage to take a new job more fitted for us …

Details on the Training of Osho Rebalancing

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